This document concerns data held by the society.

In general terms, WCOS keeps data for Friends and those participating in the Come & Sing day. The rest of the information used to advertise concerts is stored by our mailing list supplier (MailChimp) and our ticket seller (Patronbase / Wells Cathedral School).

Your information only used for the purposes given below and is never shared with any other organisations.

All electronic data held by WCOS is password protected and may be additionally protected by other measures (eg. two-step authentication). You may ask see a copy of the data held by WCOS and ask for that data to be corrected or removed by contacting the secretary of the society.

Mailing List*

This list is maintained by Mailchimp. It stores: name & email address. We use Mailchimp for marketing and to circulate information about concerts and events.

Online Ticket Sales*

Your information is held by Patronbase. It is only accessible to them and is used to facilitate ticket sales. Optionally, you may allow us to use your name and email address to circulate information about concerts and events.

Friends of WCOS

We store: name, email, phone, postal address and payment information of Friends. We use this data to communicate with Friends of the society about concerts, events, special offers and to maintain their membership.

Come & Sing Day

We store: name, voice & email address. We use this data to administer the C&S day. After the C&S day, data is deleted.


For members of WCOS we store: name, voice, contact information and payment information. We use this to manage membership of the society.

Additionally, we keep a separate record of name, voice and attendance at rehearsals. We use this to maintain the quality of the performances. Members should refer to Conditions of Membership.

Members Mailing List*

This list - separate from the public mailing list - is maintained by Mailchimp. It stores: name, voice & email address. We use Mailchimp to circulate information about concerts, events and the organisation of the society.



Published: 16-May-2018 

*None of this information is stored by WCOS, although the information is available to authorised officers of WCOS. 



Due to Covid-19, we have no concerts planned for the immediate future.

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